School Supplies List

  • Below are the recommended supplies for each grade level at Hopewell Elementary.  Any family who needs assistance purchasing supplies should contact the nurse's office @ 610-791-0200 ext. 2501.


    • 8x5 Plastic Pencil Box
    • 1 Large Glue Stick (.77)
    • 8 Classic Color Broad Line Markets
    • Back pack large enough for Library Books

    Mrs. Oakes Kindergarten Class Only

    • 1 inch - 3 ringed binder with inside pockets

     1st Grade

    • 3-ring any color binder - 1 inch thick with clear view pocket front
    • 3-ring white binder – 1 inch thick with clear view pocket on front
    • 3 sharpened pencils (with child's name is great!!!)
    • 2 erasers
    • 1 pair of blunt-nosed scissors
    • 1 pack of markers (thin only)
    • 1 box of 8 crayons (no larger)
    • 1 yellow highlighter
    • 1 plastic pencil box (no wider than 10 inches)
    • schoolbag
    • lunchbox if planning to pack lunches

    *We will supply folders for homework, guided reading, handwriting, and calendar.

    *Please label all items with your child's name. Be sure to check with your child periodically to replenish supplies.

    2nd Grade

    Required items:

    • a backpack 
    • a flexible pencil/crayon pouch 
    • spare pencils and erasers 
    • ear buds or headphones for daily personal use

    Optional items:

    • soft tissues are always welcome and appreciated

     *We will provide anything else that is needed!!

    3rd Grade

    •Glue Sticks
    •Extra Pencils
    •Plastic two pocket folders for homework
    •A pencil box to keep items organized
    •Trapper Keepers and large binders are discouraged