Honors Geometry

  • This course is designed to encourage students to proceed on their own and to develop confidence in their ability to read and interpret mathematical texts. Inductive and deductive reasoning are emphasized in both mathematical and non-mathematical situations. While developing the method and meaning of mathematical proof, the major principles of logic are emphasized. Both direct and indirect proofs are used to provide an understanding of two- and three-dimensional relationships. Compass and straightedge constructions also are discussed. A scientific calculator is required for this course.

    A big difference between earlier math courses and Honors Geometry is completing geometric proofs. Many students ask:

    When in our lives are we going to use proofs?

    "You will need them every day, I hope, without knowing it.  Geometry is beautifully logical, and it teaches you how to think and prove that things are so, step by step by step.  Proofs are excellent lessons in reasoning.  Without logic and reasoning, you are dependent on jumping to conclusions or - worse - having empty opinions."  ~Marilyn vos Savant  PARADE © 2003.

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