Let us make this the best year ever!!!

  • A few simple rules to maximize effectiveness in our classroom!



    1.      The class atmosphere is dependent on your attitude, therefore a positive can-do attitude is recommended.


    2.       If you are leaving the classroom for any reason, you need to have your agenda signed, and you must sign out.  If you do not have an agenda, please go to the office and get one.


    3.    If you are absent the day a test\quiz is given, you are required to set up an appointment to make the test up.  The test\quiz will be made up no later than three days from the day you return to school. Also the test\quiz will not be taken in class.  Tests that are not taken within three days will result in a zero.  See student handbook for details.


    4.      When I am teaching you should be listening, not talking!


    5.  Students are to bring a notebook, book, pencil, and paper to class each day. A three ringed binder is recommended with paper.


    6.  If you are absent when homework is assigned, it is your responsibility to get the assignment. See student handbook for details.


    7.   Assignment that are not completed the day they are due will be worth at most half credit if handed in the next day.


    8.   Students needing extra help are encouraged to come in promptly and get it. I am available everyday before and after school by appointment.  Please see me to make an appointment for extra help if you need it, I am here to help you!


    9.  No swearing as this is a professional environment!


    10. Absolutely no unauthorized Internet use ( read the AUP).  Computers are to be turned on only when I give the direction to turn the computers on.


    Generally the consequences for breaking the rules:

    1.      Stay one minute after class

    2.      After school detention 1 – 30 minutes (your attitude after the detention is assigned will determine the length.)

    3.      I will contact your parents

    4.      Referral to the office


    Consequences may change at my discretion: