On The Road Drivers Education

  • On The Road Driver's Education


    ~   "Behind-the-Wheel" instruction is offered to all students who have successfully completed the "Classroom" phase of the program. The State Standard requires a minimum six hours driving. It is optional and the responsibility of the parent/student to register for the program. Lessons are offered during the school day. All lessons are offered by class block/period in which the student drives only during the block/period they have selected on their on-the-road permission form. Five hours are during the school day, one hour is required to be driven after dark.  ~

    The following are important steps for signing up for the "On the road driving".  

    Step.1:  Passing Your Permit Exam & Signing up for on the Road Driving

    -  A student must first pass their permit test taken at the DMV.  We cannot give permit exams at Southern Lehigh.

    -  After your Son or Daughter has successfully passed the Permit test at the DMV (minimum age is 16yrs old).  Please pick up the following example form in the Main high school office. 



      Step.2:  Turning in the Parent Signature form (above example).

    -  Your son or daughter should return the green form above (found in the main office) to a drivers education instructor or secretary in the main office.  Make sure that the green form has a parent signature and indicates which block's your child is willing to go out driving.  Please note that this form cannot be filled out until a student has a permit.

    Step.3:  Signing up for lesson's

     -  During the school year, the indication of what blocks they would like to go driving is enough for the drivers education teacher to schedule the student (filled out on the green form).  It is the students responsibility to look at Spartan docs for attached driving dates scheduled by the instructor.  The name of the spartan document that will be shared is called " Student Lesson Evaluation".  The student shared evaluate form will give updates of driving performance and dates scheduled. 
     ****** Please note that each student must schedule a "Night lesson" with a driving instructor to meet our course standard.  Each student is required to attend a 1 hour lesson at night if they are to complete the 6hr course.    

    Final Step:  Junior Licensing Procedures

    - Drivers education instructors at Southern Lehigh are certified through the Sate of Pennsylvania to license students.  Only students who complete the 6hrs and 30hrs of classroom drivers education are eligible for the licensing through the school district.  

    *****Its very important that students bring all the proper material for their license exam. ***  




    Must have the FOLLOWING to take YOUR DRIVING TEST: 


    1.         Your Permit.

    2.       Signed parent permission form (parent can sign in front of instructor or have it notarized ahead of time).  Parent/Guardian must have their ID.  

    3.         Driving log adding up to 65+ hours.