Final Project Example Video

  • For your physics final project, you will watch the video below and respond with your own video to the frames that give you directions.  The project will be due on April 17th.  You will upload your video to spartandocs and share it with me.  One letter grade will be penalized for every day it is late.  Even if you are sick that day, your video is due.  On this page is an attachment of the rubric.  BE SURE TO USE TITLES THAT REITERATE THE QUESTION PRIOR TO YOUR RESPONSE!!!

    Submission of Video:  Your video needs to be submitted and shared via Spartan Docs prior to midnight on April 17th.  It will need to be in an MP4 format.  The submitted video should be entitled, "Last Name First Initial Physics 1 Final Project 2017".  Failure to do any of these may result in a grade penalty.  One letter grade will be penalized per day past due date.

    Format: Your video submission should start with a slide that restates the questions from the video.  You will then respond verbally by explaining how the relationships interact.

    Video can be submitted here: Submission

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