Classroom Information - Information on Grading and Classroom Procedures

  • Communication:

    Please use email address, NOT the Spartan docs email.  I do not check this account and will not respond.  Please understand that after school hours will result in a delayed response since I will be tending to my family and their activities.

    If you are absent, you will need check both the calendar on my website and google classroom for missing assignments.  You may also contact me at  Do NOT wait until you return to class to find out what you missed.  Be proactive and responsible for your learning!

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    -        I will offer an environment that is open to discussion that allows for all sides of an issue to be presented.

    -        I will give constructive feedback in a reasonable amount of time.

    -        I will make ever attempt to give you a well-rounded course on our topics.

        Student Responsibilities:

    • Be mature and responsible to seek assistance when needed, inform the teacher when there is an issue, and speak up for yourself in class.
    • Understand that passing this course is required for grauation.
    • Understand that this is a current events related course.  And that your opinions may not always agree with your classmates.  Agree to be open to listen to all sides of the issues. 
    • Understand that some of the images you may see in class may be graphic and disturbing.  Please  act in a mature manner and respect other’s comfort level.
    • Understand that it is your responsibility to check grades periodically for assignment completion and look for discrepancies before the end of the quarter.
    • Use all technology responsibly, when needed and as directed.  Leave the cell phones and headphones in your bag or locker.

     Items needed for this class:

    -        Notebook or 3 ring binder with paper

    -        Dividers for organizing, optional

    -        Folder

    -        Black or blue pen, pencils- no colored ink

    -        Post-its, optional

    -        Charged computer, everyday!

    -        Your best effort! J