level 4


       The fourth level of Mandarin Chinese is designed for those students who completed a Mandarin Chinese 3 course. Students will continue to develop the four basic language skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. They will review and expand upon the knowledge from earlier lessons. The emphasis in this class is to develop grammar and writing skills using both the Pinyin phonetic system and Simplified Chinese characters. Approximately 650 words will be taught through essential real-life topics, which also introduce the social and cultural background of the language. In addtion, Chinese classic allusions will be taught in comparison to Chinese and American sayings. At the end of this course, students will acquire vocabulary and sentence structures in daily-life communication. They will be able to identify the sounds and tones of Mandarin in the Pinyin system, and will read and write in Chinese (simplified Chinese characters), and carry out basic conversations on relevant topics studied. Students will also be able to understand and appreciate the Chinese traditional culture. 



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