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  • Chinese Classroom Procedures & Rules


    Chinese Class Procedures:

    Ø Turn off and put away all cell phones before class begins.

    Ø Look on the board for information about using laptops in class each day. We will use the laptops regularly but not necessarily every day. I do not want to see the laptops out for games or assignments for other classes once you are in my room. Instead, you should use that time to prepare for class.

    Ø Check the board for the activity you are expected to complete at the start of each class.

    Ø Also check the board for the homework each day. Take time at the start of each period to write down the homework assignment in your agenda and make sure you understand the assignment before class is dismissed.



    v Class attendance is very important. We spend much of class time using the target language (Chinese), and this practice is important for language acquisition.

    v Students are expected to report to Chinese class on time.  If a student fails to be in class before the bell rings, he/she will be considered “tardy to class”.  If this happens, appropriate action will be taken.

    v If you come to class after the bell rings (late), a pass must be presented.



    v You are expected to bring all needed materials to class everyday. This includes the textbook, your charged laptop, notebooks/binders, pens and pencils. I will not sign your pass for “forgotten” materials. Please sharpen pencils before class begins.

    v I ask that you keep an organized 3-ring binder as your notebook (1-1½ ).  A spiral notebook is not sufficient. There will be important handouts throughout the year that you will want to maintain in an organized fashion.

    v Organize your binder by dates and chapters. The better you maintain an organized binder the more prepared you will be for the cumulative final exam at the end of the year.

    v File and organize your materials regularly.  A neat notebook is easier to use as a study guide.


    v Absolutely NO food or drinks (other than water) in the classroom.

    v Stay in your assigned seats. Throwing papers or tissues in the trash should wait until the end of class or an appropriate and natural break in the class period.

    v Do not interrupt or carry on side conversations when others are speaking. It is very important that you LISTEN not only to the teacher, but when classmates speak as well!

    v Raise your hand before you ask or answer questions.

    v Deposit gum in the trash before class begins.

    v Turn off or put away all cell phones before class begins.

    v Ask to use the lavatory or to visit the nurse before class begins or at the end of the lesson if there is time. Please try to avoid asking on a regular basis unless it is absolutely necessary.

    v If you are absent from class, you must take responsibility and ask for the work missed. The student handbook lists 2 days to turn in assignments. All assignments that are handed in late will lose points (10% per day)

    v Tests and quizzes will be given regularly. If you are absent for either one, please arrange to make it up promptly. Refer to the student handbook for the guidelines for make-up work.



      Grades are based on a percentage system.  Generally, the grade consists of:

    v Level 3:

        Homework and classwork: 10%

        Participation: 20%

        Projects and writing: 25%

        Tests and quizzes: 45%

    v Level 4:

        Homework and classwork: 5%

        Participation: 20%

        Projects and writing: 25%

        Tests and quizzes: 50%

    v AP Chinese:

        Homework   5%

        Oral Assessments   20%

        Class Work 15%

        Assessments 60%

          Each marking period is worth 20% of a student’s overall grade.  The final exam is worth 20% of a student’s overall average:

    Quarter 1   20%

    Quarter 2   20%

    Quarter 3   20%

    Quarter 4   20%

    Final          20%




      Participation is a critical component of foreign language learning. Therefore, students are expected to participate in class as often as possible. They will receive a grade for participation every 10-15 days. The grade will be out of ten points.


      Below is the grading scale:


    Actual tallies

    Participation grade

    10+  tallies


    9  tallies


    8  tallies


    7  tallies


    6  tallies


    5  tallies


    4  tallies


    3  tallies


    2  tallies


    1  tallies


    0  tallies



        Everyone can learn to speak a second language with practice and study.  Work hard, but be patient.  It took several years to learn

    English, too!  You will be successful if you:


      Ø Have good attendance

    Ø Pay attention in class

     Ø Come to class prepared


          Ø Complete all assignments


      Ø Study and review daily


                                   Ø Ask questions when you do not understand


               Ø Take advantage of extra help


      Although it might be difficult for you, always try to speak in Chinese in class. The more often you try the more comfortable you become. Please follow the RULES and PROCEDURES, and I believe we will have a great year!


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