Classroom FAQ - Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classroom FAQ

    Q: How do I contact Mrs. Spritzer?

     Email is my preferred form of communication. You can email me at (preferred) at any time of the day or evening; I am usually able to respond rather quickly (within a few hours), depending on the time I receive your message. You may also call the school at 610-282-1421 x7122, and leave a message.  I will return your call as soon as I can (parents, please note that I cannot accept or return calls during my classes).  I also encourage all students (and parents if they wish) to join my Remind class for your specific course to receive reminders from me; you can also chat with me directly through Remind (it works like texting).
    I will make a point to respond to all forms of contact within 24 hours if possible. 

    Q: Where can I find Mrs. Spritzer during the school day?
    I am located in Room 122.  If I am not in my room during my prep or lunch, try again or leave a note!  I am always available after school until at least 3:00, but I am usually in my room until at least 3:15 or 3:30, sometimes longer.  If you need extra help or need to make up work, I am happy to arrange an appointment with you.  You can also stop by my classroom during Spartan Periods most days (though I am not available on Days 1 or 3). Note: During Block 1 on odd days during the first semester, I am in the vicinity of the band room or the marching band practice field, and typically busy during this time!) This year my prep period is during Block 4 on even days.

    Q: What courses does Mrs. Spritzer teach?
    A: This year I will be teaching English 10, Honors English 12, and Newspaper Journalism.  During the first semester, I will also be working with the marching band, as the color guard instructor. 

    Q: Can I get extra credit?
     My standing extra credit assignment is to write a letter to the editor of our school newspaper.  This can be in response to a published article, or your opinion about anything related to our school or any issues that affects you and your peers.  You may write one letter-to-the editor per marking period for extra credit.  (Turn this in to me for extra credit, and then I will pass it on to the student editors.)  I do occasionally give other extra credit opportunities as well, so keep your eyes and ears open! However, my policy is that you must complete or make up all assigned work before I will offer or accept extra credit (except for extra credit extended to all students on a test or quiz).