English 10

2017 Summer Reading Assignments!

Current English 10 students click on the course below in which you have enrolled for 11th grade to view your 2017 summer reading assignment. Then click on the link for the Google Form to acknowledge you understand the terms of the assignment. 

Current freshmen who will be entering English 10 in the fall click on the link below to view your 2017 summer reading assignment: 

Welcome to English 10!

In this course, we will explore a variety of works by American writers, including short stories, novels, plays, poems, essays, and biographies.  We will approach the study of American literature from cultural, historical, and thematic perspectives.  Grammar and vocabulary will be covered primarily in the context of literature and writing.  Students will also complete a literary criticism research paper focusing on the work of a major American author. 

Click here to see the SUMMER READING for this course. 

Click here to see the SYLLABUS for this course. 

Click here to see the GUIDELINES and EXPECTATIONS for this course.

Click here to see the MOVIE PERMISSION FORM for this course. 

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