Mr. Dreve's Physical Sc. Project

  • Due Dates For the Final Project

    Part 1  Due

    Part 2  Due  

    Part 3  Due

    Part 4 

    Part 5 and 6  Due

    10% loss per day late



    Activity Sequence

    Physical Science Final Part 1

    50% of your Final Exam


    Part 1 ~ Knowledge


    Make a list of ten new vocabulary words you have learned in your study of acid/bases, solutions, or nuclear chemistry. Create a poster that defines and illustrates each term.


    Part 2 ~ Comprehension


    Create a document with answer key (worksheet, overhead, activity, lab, etc.) that you would use to teach others about one of the topics you have learned about in the second semester [acid/bases, solutions, or nuclear chemistry, physics]. Your document should include a clear explanation of the topic, and at least one example.


    Part 3 ~ Application


    Take 6 concepts that you have learned about physics and create an illustrated journal (mini textbook). In your book you should apply the topic to a real life situation, describe the concept, and give examples of how it applies to a real life scenario. Include a math equation that demonstrates the physics concept you have chosen. Your book should be 6 pages (8.5x11), front side only, in addition please include a cover page that has your name, class period, and date.


    Part 4 ~ Analysis

    Review the labs (2) and data given to you and investigate what is wrong with each, then suggest how these errors could have occurred and ways to correct the lab for future students. Your analysis must be completed by the end of the period.


    Part 5 ~ Synthesis


    Design a master (complex) machine to do EITHER of these tasks:   A) turn on a light switch from across the room or B) move something from the floor to a table. You must include at least 5 machines in your master machine. You may use a particular machine only twice as part of your master machine.
    (Ex. You may use 2 levers, 2 pulleys, and an incline plane.) Include a description of how the master machine  should work, as well as a schematic diagram.




    Create a themed mobile that has at least 4 crossbars and balances. Mobiles are levers with balanced forces. Include a diagram of your mobile that shows the balanced forces. The mobile should have a theme, and the string may not go down the middle. (yes build it)


    Part 6 ~ Evaluation


    For each of these activities 1-5, complete the rubric for your work. Rubrics will include your grade, and your rationale for assigning it.