Due dates and Finals

  •                 FINALS RUBRIC-STUDY SKILLS


    -        DUE DATES:              SUBJECTS:

    -        MAY 18th & 19th       Math and Soc. St.                 

    -        MAY 25th & 26th       W. Lang., Health, Dr. Ed

    -        MAY 31st & 1st          Science and English

    -        June 1st & 2nd          Complete all Study Guides


                          DATES OF FINALS

    -       Tues./Wed     May 30/31st    Business and FCS

    -        Thurs./Fri     June 1st/2nd    Related Arts/Core Elect.

    -        Tues./Fri.     May 30/June 2  Review days

    -         Monday         June 5th         Math/Soc. Studies

    -        Tuesday         June 6th         W.Lang./Health/Dr.Ed.

    -        Wednesday     June 7th          Science/English

    T     Thursday        June 8th       Make up exams (Core)

           Friday            June 9th        Make up exams (Elec.)