• Marketing is around us all day every day.   Advertisers are making sure we don't forget about their products and services.   We see billboards, hear radio ads, and even act as walking endorsements by with the logos on our clothing.  

    Top 25 Packaging Ideas
    Take a look and see which you think are most successful.   Could you come up with something as clever as these?

    Identifying Brand Mascots -  
    Take the Quiz -  Learn about some mascots you may not recognize.

    Identifying Corporate Logos -
    Take another Quiz - Learn about corporate logos you may not recognize.

    Follow THIS LINK to view some of our most recognizable corporate logos and see what they looked like before.

    Identify the brand/logo

    Logos Minus Their Words

    SUPER BOWL 2017

    Check back to see links to ads that will play during the 2017
    Super Bowl

    Product Placement Examples -  Follow this link to see some of the most blatant examples of Product Placement throughout history.

    Check out this article on a partnership that displeased many.

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