My Resources

  • These are great resources that I have found that might be of interest to you, too!

    Graduation Project

    Follow this link to the district web page and all information regarding the graduation project.

    Career Guidance

    Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Survey with its results pairing you with possible personality-compatible careers.

    Not sure what to do for a career?  

    Visit Career Cruising and discover your interests.  Take the learning style and interest surveys to get started, then discover career descriptions, college information and the job outlook for the career(s) of your choice.   Interested Solehi Spartans will find this site a valuable resource when planning their future.

    Check out the TOP 10 of the hottest jobs, most competitive colleges and jobs in the military.   This site gives career guidance and fantastic information on preparing for college.

    Higher Education Links


    This is a cool new site that features over 20,000 interviews with students from colleges across the country. Looking for the right college for you - see what students who attend the college have to say.  One click and you're there.

    Trying to choose a college or just starting to look - take a look at for tons of information and quick links to the college of your choice.

    Personal Finance/Economics

    Learn about the ABC's of Credit Card Finance at THE ABC'S of Credit.

    Can you afford to live on your own? Do you know how to plan??                               Use this Reality Check calculator and find out!

    How The Market Works

    Click on the link above to join Miss Organski's stock market game contest.  You will need to use the password provided to you in class to join the contest.  Do your research and may the best investor win!

    Who doesn't like money? Visit The Mint and learn more about our system of currency and its rich history. 

    Investment fraud is everywhere in the news today! Here is a neat interactive way to learn about investment fraud as you try and STOP MR. X.

    Technology Tips

    Use the link Prezi Tips Ppt Import to view a quick lesson on how to convert your PowerPoint to an exciting Prezi presentation to emphasize your content.


    Bullying is no laughing matter.  Most of us have been bullied at one time or another throughout our lives.  Education is the best way to prevent or minimize the impact of bullies in our everyday lives.  Help us stamp out the bull from bullies.

    Please take the survey from the link below.

    Click here to take survey

    Just for fun -   Have you ever heard of the Fish philosophy? This is a neat look at the real Pike's Place Fish Market - complete with a live web cam feed. See what Pike's continues to do to support marketing of their fish business and beyond!