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    Course Description:


    This course introduces the basic concepts, terminology and notations involved in algebra. We will focus on problems solving and reinforcement of basic mathematics concepts with emphasis on problem solving utilizing algebraic concepts and solving word problems. Review of mathematical concepts will be maintained throughout the course. The goal of the class is to prepare students to enter Applied Algebra I.  It is expected that all students be active participants of the class.


    Textbooks and Tools:

    1.    Larson Pre-Algebra – Holt McDougal

    2.    Algebra – AGS Publishing

    3.    ALEKs – Computer Based Learning Program

    4.    Study Island – Computer Based Learning




    In order for us to have a successful school year I expect everyone to follow the same classroom rules:

    1)    Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

    2)    Come to class with pencil, binder, and laptop.

    3)    Listen when others are speaking.

    4)    Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    5)   Respect yourself and others.



    * All other SLHS Student Handbook Rules apply *

    *Violations of these classroom rules will result in a detention or written referral.


    Cell Phones and Technology

    Cell phones are not permitted in class.  Cell phones are to be stored in the assigned bin at the beginning of class and retrieved at the end of class when you return your calculator.  Any use of a cell phone even when concealed will result in disciplinary action.


    Notebook & Classroom Materials:

    A three ring binder is suggested for this class. Quizzes and tests will be based on class notes and handouts. It is very important to keep your notebook organized, as there will be occasional notebook quizzes.

    Assignments will require calculator use. It is highly recommended you have a personal calculator for homework assignments.


    Classwork & Homework:

    Classwork and homework will be graded. Late or incomplete and work will lower your grade significantly. Please remember if you are absent from school or miss class it is your responsibility to collect missed assignments and class notes.



    Grades will be based on a point system that will be converted into overall percentages. Grades will be designated for classwork & homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and class participation. Your final grade will be determined by your quarter grades as well as the final exam.


    Extra Help & Tutoring:

    I am available before and after school tutoring Monday – Thursday. I also have a Spartan period weekly.   You must let me know in advance if you are planning on attending.