Rules and Procedures



    ROOM 123


    1. Bring a positive attitude and be mindful of those around you. Odds are good you won't love everything we cover in class. Regardless, we're all going to be together for 77 minutes, every other day. So, make the most of the opportunity in front of you, and don't stand in the way of anyone else's educational experience. Remember: When you're in a learning environment, fun and life-changing things can happen!

    2. Homework will usually consist of reading only. I do not send Study Guides home for easy points. HOWEVER, Study Guides will be made available for students who feel they learn best with such documents available while reading. They will be totally optional, but I will take questions at the beginning of class from students who opted to complete them.

    3. British literature can be challenging. It's old, they use funny words, and the stories don't always seem relevant to modern life. If you find yourself struggling at any time, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you find time to come and see me outside of class. I can offer some tried and true strategies for reading comprehension and retention and put you on a path for success, BUT ONLY IF YOU COME AND SEE ME.

    4.  Remain on task at all times.  If you are not working on the assignment at hand, you will be subject to disciplinary action.


    5.  Keep all language appropriate during classroom discussions.


    4.  Remain in your seat until the bell rings, even if we finish early.


    6.  Participate in class discussions.  Such behavior will be remembered at the end of the marking period when grades are being tallied.


    7.  You must have YOUR agenda available (with available spaces) if you want to go to the bathroom, the water fountain, or your locker during class.  If  you do not have your agenda (or all spaces are filled), your request may be denied.  

    8.  All homework is due at the beginning of class.  If you forget your homework at home or in your locker, this is not an excuse—the homework is still considered late.  You must come to class prepared.

    9.  All other assignments—tests, quizzes, projects, etc.—are due on the established date.  Late assignments lose 10% per day until they are turned in.  After 1 week (of class days) the assignment will no longer be accepted.

    10. I don't have a number 10, but this list feels incomplete without one. So, I'll just say, BEST OF LUCK THIS YEAR IN ENGLISH 12!!!