Public Speaking

  • Course Syllabus

    Course Title:  Public Speaking (Dual Enrollment LCCC Speech ENG111)


    Textbook(s) & reference materials: 

    Beebe, Steven A. and Susan J.  Public Speaking: An Audience-Centered

    Approach.  New York: Pearson, latest edition.


    Course Description: 

    A public speaking course designed to develop self-confidence through several types of speaking situations:  formal, informal, and impromptu.  Students learn how to analyze an audience and how to prepare an effective presentation through research and use of visual aids.  In addition, students learn to develop listening skills and a greater command of the English language and will be responsible for delivering a minimum of 8 individual speeches covering a broad range of speech types, including informative, technology-based, persuasive, and instructional.  Constructive evaluation and videotaping of student speeches lead to self-improvement.


    Course Content/Schedule

    • Presentation strategies and approaches
    • Drafting a speech / Considering time requirements

      Two-Minute presentations


      Video Response sheet

          .   ASSIGNMENT:

                  Audio recording of revised speech

    Unit Two:  Incorporating Technology and Visual Aids

    • Using appropriate visual aides effectively
    • Using Powerpoint with or without notes

        Pop Culture Presentation: Group Powerpoint: 

           Written: 10 Points      Oral:  50 Points


    Unit Three:  Informational Presentations

    -             Conveying information clearly

    -             Using physical demonstrations/effective body language

    -             ASSIGNMENT: 

         Book Report:  Solo Powerpoint:

    Written: 10 Points  Oral:  50 Points


    Unit Four:  How-To Presentations

    -             View sample How-To

    -             ASSIGNMENT:

           Practice How-To speech: 10 Points

    -             ASSIGNMENT:

    How-To Presentation:

      Written:  10 Points      Oral:  50 Points


            Unit Six:  Debates

    -             The Public Forum debate process

    -             Supporting an argument

    -             Anticipating the opposition

    -             ASSIGNMENT:

         The vocabulary of Debate: 10 Points

    -             ASSIGNMENT: 

         Public Forum Debate (in pairs):

            Written:  10 Points  Oral:  50 Points


    Unit Seven:  Persuasion

    -             The art of persuasion

    -             Examples of persuasion / Types of persuasion

    -             ASSIGNMENT: 

          Persuasive Ad Campaign (in pairs): Podcast:  50 Points



                  Written:  10 Points      Oral:  50 Points


    -             ASSIGNMENT: 

             Video Response sheet:  10 Points


    Course Requirements:

    Each student must complete all speeches and complementary assignments.  No student can take a pass on any speech, nor is nervousness a valid excuse for exclusion from a given assignment.  This course is designed to help students learn to control their nerves while giving original speeches they have prepared.  All speeches must be adequately prepared and written out in full prior to date of presentation.

    Grade Components/Assessments:

    The size of the class will determine the number of presentations by students, but at least eight

    (8) are expected.  The evaluation criteria will vary slightly from speech to speech, and all

    expectations will be made clear on speech-specific rubrics to be distributed during speech


    Two (2) student speeches will be videotaped for personal evaluation and to chart growth.

    Additionally, we will view one film:

    The English Department wants to provide students with the most meaningful and exhilarating educational experience possible; consequently, we look for audio-visual materials that we believe will make a point more powerfully than our words alone, films that may make a situation or a character come to life in a way a student may otherwise not be able to imagine.
                School district policy requires district personnel to provide written notification and seek parental permission whenever films used in class to enhance the curriculum exceed a Motion Picture Association of America General Audience (G) Rating.
                Listed below are the movies that your child’s English teacher plans to show during this year to complement course content and to increase student understanding.  Even though the listed films exceed the MPAA G Rating in their original forms, the English faculty has previewed and edited the material to eliminate offensive sections without damaging the artistic integrity of the work.  In fact, many of the materials listed are used only in a form excerpted for specific curriculum issues.
                Please be aware that during the year, timely broadcast television programs may also be taped and incorporated into classroom study.  These materials will be closely monitored to eliminate offensive content.

                Work     MPAA Rating

             The Great Debaters                                             PG-13 

    If you have any questions about this permission form or the materials to be shown, please contact your student’s teacher, Mr. Castagna, at 610-282-1421.