• Grade Components/Assessments:

    Grades will be based on a point system that will be converted into overall percentages. The following methods will be used to assess and evaluate student performance.

    • Projects: 70% of grade
    • Quizzes: 15% of grade
    • Participation: 15% of grade

    Most activities and projects will be completed in class due to the nature of the equipment and technology being studied. Students are required to discuss with the teacher methods for making up missed class time.

    Students are required to follow all lab safety guidelines. Severe infractions of class safety rules may result in dismissal from class.

    Alternative Assessments:

    Technology classes are primarily project-based, which is considered an alternative assessment technique. In addition to class projects, students are required to complete the following:

    Student Portfolio:

    Students are required to maintain a portfolio to include notes, handouts, drawings, and miscellaneous information provided by the teacher.

    Technology Sector Research Project:

    Short research into careers related to a particular technology sector.

    Personal Safety Plan/Contract:

    Each student will develop a safety contract with the assistance of the teacher.

    Power-Point Presentation:

    Teams will create and present final projects using slide-show presentations.