• General Unit Objectives:
    • Use problem solving and critical thinking skills to design a scale wing and airplane
    • Apply math and science skills to solve mathematical problems
    • Use brainstorming and collaborative learning strategies to develop team work skills
    • Use modeling materials and tools to construct an operational scale model
    • Use CAD to design a solution to a problem
    PA Standards:
    • 3.1.10.D Apply scale as a way of relating concepts and ideas to one another by some measure. 3.2.10.D Identify and apply the technological design process to solve problems.
    • 3.6.10.C Apply physical technologies of structural design, analysis and engineering, personnel  relations, financial affairs, structural production, marketing, research and design to real world problems.
    • 3.7.10.A Identify and safely use a variety of tools, basic machines, materials and techniques to solve problems and answer questions.
    • 3.7.10.D Utilize computer software to solve specific problems.
    Overview of Challenge:
    • This challenge charges students to design and build a airplane that conforms to the specifications given during class
    • Students will begin the challenge by completing internet research on various types of airplanes and aeronautical forces, and to learn how forces create and control flight
    • Students will begin their design by using the information found during their research to develop a rough sketch of their airplanes & wings
    • After their rough sketch has been completed and approved, the students will create a detailed design on both FoilSIM and Rhinoceros 3.0 software packages
    • Students will build their model wings and airplane according plans printed from their drawings
    • Students will test their model wings in the wind tunnel to measure for lift and drag
    • Students will test their completed airplane for functionality
    Time Line:
    • Research characteristics and the forces of flight
    • Design wing model on CAD
    • Construct wing model using CNC software and machines
    • Test wing model in wind tunnel
    • Modify and retest wing design
    • Create airplane model on CAD
    • Construct airplane model
    • Test and evaluate airplane model.

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