• World Cultures



    Mr. Krial

    Southern Lehigh High School Room 148

    610.282.1421 ex. 7148



    Course Description:

    This course focuses on the events and themes that have shaped the cultures of Europe, Asia,

    Africa and Latin America from 1500 to the present. Students will examine and analyze the

    political, economic and cultural forces that have led to the development of the modern world

    outside of the United States.


    Course Content:

    Unit 1: What is Culture?

    Unit 2:  The Rise of Europe

    Unit 3: Industrial Revolution

    Unit 4: Imperialism and Nationalism

    Unit 5:  Rise of Socialism and the Russian Revolution

    Unit 6: World War II

    Unit 7: The Post-War World

    Unit 8:  The Modern World



    Required Textbooks and/or Other Reading/Research Materials

    Modern World History.  McDougal Littell, 2007.

    Course Requirements:

    Each student is required to complete all tests, quizzes, and projects along with all in-class and homework assignments.  Failure to do so will affect the student’s overall grade.


    Grade Components/Assessments:

    Grades will be determined by students successful completion of various assignments in the following categories:


    Summative Assessments:         60%

    Homework:                             30%

    Class work:                             10%



    Grades will be weighted by categories not calculated by total points.


    Each marking period is worth 20% of a student’s overall grade.  The final exam is worth 20% of the student’s overall average, with the final exam being comprised of a final project (40%) and a written exam (60%).


    Quarter 1         20%

    Quarter 2         20%

    Quarter 3         20%

    Quarter 4         20%

    Final               20%


    Required Summer Reading/Assignments: