Elements of Culture Assignment

  • Elements of American Culture Assignment

     We have discussed the seven elements of culture that help to define a people and a society. Your assignment is to find an example of each of those elements as they relate to our American culture. In other words, how would you identify each of those seven elements in the United States today, how do you see them in our culture?


    a.  On a piece of poster board/paper no bigger than 11”x17” attach one image or even some artifact that you feel best exemplifies a particular element of American culture. Use magazines, web images, junk mail, catalogs …

    b. For each image/artifact, have a one-word caption that describes that element (not looking for you to label it as “economics”, but maybe something like “shopping” or “credit”)

    c. Have a title at the top of your project.

    d. Staple or paper-clip a write-up which explains the images/artifacts you chose, and why you feel that they best articulate that elementour American culture.  One short paragraph for each element will suffice.



                Follow Directions:                   5

               Artistic Impression:

    - creativity

    - attractiveness

    - neatness                 10

               Written Summary                   15

    -       thought

    -       grammar/spelling

    Total                                                    30