US History

  • United States History: 1850 to the Present 

    Course Description: 10th Grade United States History explores United States’ history and culture from the onset of the Civil War through the dawn of the 21st Century. This course examines the major political, cultural, economic and social themes and events that have shaped our nation’s growth and development during this time period. 

    Course Content: This course is taught thematically. Thematic teaching better enables our students to connect events over time and construct knowledge to realize a “big picture” of our history. As students understand the greater historical narrative they begin to look for patterns, trends and flow over time. This long look at history invites the student into the story. This approach encourages students to consider historical patterns unfolding in the now and make predictions for the future. 

    First Semester: 
    Unit One: The Civil War & the shaping of the Modern United States 
    Unit Two: Minorities in America & their search for the American Dream 
    Part 1: African Americans & Civil Rights 
    Part 2: Native Americans 
    Part 3: European Immigrants 
    Part 4: Asians in American Society 
    Part 5: Women and the Battle for Equality 

    Second Semester: 
    Unit One: Foreign Policy: America becomes a World Power 
    Unit Two: The Rise and Influence of Popular Culture in America. 
    Unit Three: Economics: Becoming the Wealthiest Nation on Earth.

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