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    For those competing at NCFL Nationals, below is a basic itinerary for Memorial Day weekend.  Please be sure to be at the First Presbyterian Church of Allentown at 10:30 PM tomorrow night so we can leave at 11.  Remember you will need money for 9 meals on the trip other than your ordered lunch for Saturday.  In case you didn’t hear me mention this at the banquet, please be sure to wear a team T-shirt for the bus trip to KY.  One item put out by the NCFL national organization is a service project for the participants at the tournament.  They are collecting items for young people for the Safe Place program run by the YMCA in Louisville.  If you’d be interested in donating some items, let me know and I will show you the list of what they need.

    For underclassmen, if you wish to start thinking about what you want to do for next year, please feel free to stop by.  Obviously national competitors should still come in to be ready for KY or AL, but you can also start thinking about next year.  If you are interested, there are a number of forensics summer camps around the country.  I can give you information if you want to look into this.  Also, if you have any books of mine that you borrowed, please bring them in ASAP.  We will have a meeting on Wednesday May 31 after school to get organized a little for next year’s team.  If you know of anyone who is interested in the team, be sure to let them know of that meeting.

                I think that should be it for now.  Feel free to stop by 207 with any questions.


    Good Luck to our team members competing at the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Louisville, KY!!!

    Keep in mind 

    ·      NCFL Nationals 5/25-29 – See itinerary below, money for 9 meals