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    Fall Tournament Sign-up Form




    For Each Tournament, Please Circle the Category in Which You Plan to Compete.


    C-X = Cross-Ex. Debate, L-D = Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Cong. = Student Congress,   PF = Public Forum, OO = Original Oratory, Pers. = Persuasive Speech, Inf. = Informative Speech, Dec. = Declamation, Extp. = Extemporaneous Speaking, Dom. = Domestic Extp, For. = Foreign Extp., Comm. = Extemporaneous Commentary, OI = Oral Interpretation, Pr. = Prose, Po. = Poetry, DP = Dramatic Performance(DI & HI Combined) DI = Dramatic Interpretation, HI = Humorous Interpretation, Duo = Duo Interpretation


    _______          10/29  Phillpsburg H.S. Invitational

                                        C-X, L-D-Varsity and JV, Cong., PF, OO, Extp., Dec., Prose,

    Poetry DI, HI, Duo


                _______          11/5 ADFL Tournament w/Scranton League at TBA

                                        C-X, L-D, Cong., PF, OO, Extp., Dec., OI DP, Duo

                                        All events have Varsity and Novice Levels


                _______          11/12 The James M. Langan Memorial Tournament at TBA


                                        Varsity and Novice in Most Events:  C-X, L-D, Cong.

    PF, OO, Extp., Ex. Comm.(Vars. only),Dec.(Nov. only), Pr.(Nov.

    Only), Po.(Nov. Only), OI(Vars. Only) DI, HI, Duo


                _______          11/19-20 “Villiger” Tournament at St. Joseph’s University

                                        (MUST Compete in 2/3 prior events)

                                        C-X, L-D, PF, Cong., OO, Extp., Dec., OI, DP, Duo


                _______          12/2-4 Princeton University Invitational

    (MUST Compete in 2/3 prior events

                                        L-D(Var. and JV), Cong., PF, OO, Extp., OI, DI, HI, Duo


                _______          12/10 LaSalle College H.S. Invitational

                                        Varsity and Novice in all events:  C-X, L-D, PF, Cong, OO, Dec,

                                        Extp., Ex. Comm, OI, DP, Duo


                _______          12/17 ADFL Tournament at TBA

                                        C-X, L-D, Cong., PF, OO, Dec., Extp., OI, DP, Duo




                My parent(s) are willing to judge for the following tournament(s).


                Name                                       Tournament Names and Dates




















                By signing below, we understand that the student is expected to prepare for the tournaments for which they ask to be registered.  If they are not prepared, as deemed by Mr. Long, by the drop deadline determined by the tournament, the student will be dropped from the tournament in time to prevent a nuisance fee for the team.  Preparation includes practicing at least once a week starting at least three weeks before the tournament.  The week before the tournament, students must practice at least twice, once by Wednesday.  Students who do not follow these requirements will be withdrawn from the tournament.  Students withdrawing after the deadline mentioned above will be asked to pay the nuisance fee assessed by the tournament, unless it is due to an emergency health issue, or family emergency. 




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    Parents:  If you would like me to send include you when I send the team its weekly practice schedule, please write your email address below.