Stock Project - 20162017

  • The following files are to be used with the Stock Project. 

    • 20162017 Algebra-II Stock Analysis Project - file provides the objectives, requirements and point values of the initial portion of the project. 
    • Stock Name_Last Name - file is a template that you can use to get started and eventually submit.
    • 20162017 Pfizer Stock File used for Project Introduction - file provides completed data worksheets and stock chart to help get you started. 
    • Algebra-II Stock Project - Phase One Points - file provides descriptions for the point breakdown by section.

    January/April 2017 Stock Project Continuation

    • Stock Project Part 2 - Tracking File 2017 - file provides spreadsheet for tracking all of your group's stocks through week 119.  Each group member maintains their own file, which will be submitted after week 119.
    • Malik Stock Project 2 - Tracking File 2017 - file provides sample spreadsheet tracking various stocks.
    • Algebra-II Stock Analysis Project Phase Three 2017 - description of requirements for Final Stock Analysis Project, which includes a group presentation.

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