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    I have attained National Board Certification, but not without a lot of help along the way.  My extended family have helped to proof read each required portfolio sections for sentence structure and punctuation, and helped me interpret the portfolio rubrics.  Also, our district's three previous national board recipients, principal, Mrs. Carol Mickley, middle school librarian, Mrs. Corri Robbins and high school art teacher, Mrs. Ann Sikorski-Schneider. Their cooperation, suggestions and opinions helped tremendously.  English teacher, Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti who never turned me down to proof read my work.   And  Mr. John Zelenak for profesiionally video tapping required lessons for submission.  Thank you all for helping me reach a professional goal.

    What Is National Board Certification?

    National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. It complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license.

    National Board Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program designed to recognize effective and accomplished teachers who meet high standards based on what teachers should know and be able to do. National Board Certification is available nationwide for most preK–12 teachers.

    As part of the certification process, candidates complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by trained teachers in their certificate areas. The assessments include four portfolio entries that feature teaching practice and six constructed response exercises that assess content knowledge.


    Career and Technical Education/Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood


    Creating a Productive Learning Environment

    • Knowledge of Students
    • Knowledge of Subject Matter
    • Learning Environment
    • Diversity

    Advancing Student Learning

    • Advancing Knowledge of Career and Technical Subject Matter
    • Assessment

    Helping Students Transition to Work and Adult Roles

    • Workplace Readiness
    • Managing and Balancing Multiple Life Roles
    • Social Development

    Improving Education through Professional Development and Outreach

    • Reflective Practice
    • Collaborative Partnerships
    • Contributions to the Education Profession
    • Family and Community Partnerships

    National Board Certification

    • Strengthens practice. Research shows candidates demonstrate significant improvement in their teaching practice. Teachers who achieve certification have been assessed against the nation’s highest advanced teaching standards.
    • Helps students succeed. Research, including the 2008 Congressionally-mandated National Research Council report, documents that students taught by NBCTs make higher gains on achievement tests than students taught by non-NBCTs.
    • Demonstrates leadership skills. In a 2007 study, 80 percent of NBCTs say other educators look to them for leadership, mentoring and coaching.
    • Helps expand influence and expertise. Many NBCTs positively impact curricular decisions, chair departments and serve as faculty voices to policymakers and other stakeholders.
    • Advances careers. Certification provides routes for NBCTs to advance as master teachers, school leaders and mentors without leaving the classroom.
    • Provides portability. Many states recognize National Board Certification as sufficient proof for state licensure, allowing movement from state to state.
    • Offers higher salary potential. Many states and hundreds of local districts offer salary incentives for teachers who certify.
    • Enhances education. Certification contributes to Continuing Education Units. Many higher-education institutions give NBCTs graduate credits for completing National Board Certification.
    • Meets most states' definition of “highly qualified teacher" under NCLB.

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