Student Projects/Assignments Highlights

  • "Citizens of today must have a basic understanding of how technology affects their world and how they exist both within and around technology. Technological literacy is fundamentally important to all students. Technological processes have become so complex that the community and schools collaborate to provide a quality technology program that prepares students for a changing technological world that is progressively more dependent on an informed, technologically literate citizenry."


    • Provide a standards-based K-12 program that ensures that all students are technologically literate.
    • Provide opportunities for all students without regard to gender or ethnic origin.
    • Provide clear standards and expectations for increasing student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
    • Provide leadership and support that will produce continuous improvement and innovation in the program.
    • Restore America's status as the leader in innovation. Provide a program that constructs learning from a very early age and culminates in a capstone experience that leads students to become the next generation of technologists, innovators, designers, and engineers.