Architectural Drafting/CADD

  • Architectural 2D CADD & Architectural Modeling

    To distinguish between a Hexagon and an Octagon,

    remember that one is like a "stop" sign, one is like a bolt head,

    and draw the opposite of what you think is correct.

    Drafting            Drafting 2

    "The essence of drawing is the line exploring space." ~ Andy Goldsworthy


    "Descriptive Geometry was created by drafting instructors

    as a means to mentally harass their students."

    Course Description:

    Experience is provided in basic residential design. The fundamental sequences in designing and drawing are stressed as the student completes the architectural drawings necessary for the construction of a residence. Elements of the course include architectural styles, area planning, structural detailing, pictorial rendering, building specifications, and cost analysis. Students will build a scaled model residence and use professional architectural 2D CADD software, utilizing virtual reality, to design computer-generated floor plans (walk through).  Students will design tower structures and perform a destructive test, which will assist them in calculating the efficiency of the structure.  Opportunities are available to join our Technology Student Association (TSA) and compete in 2D CADD events regionally and at the state level.