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    Vs. Rapid Prototyping

    The Competitive Advantages Of 3D Printing

    An ideal complement to CAD, 3D printing offers a fast, low-cost alternative to traditional rapid prototyping for building concept and working models. Designed for workstation and network access much like a standard laser printer, 3D printing is growing in usage along with the unprecedented growth of CAD solid modeling.

    So Many Applications,
    So Many Advantages

    Proof of Concept
    With a Dimension 3D printer, you can explore multiple concepts quickly and affordably to review with everyone on the design team. more >>
    Functional Testing
    Dimension 3D printers enable you to test form, fit and function - and as many design iterations as you like, right from your desk top - with functional ABS parts. more >>
    Product Cost Reduction

    Dimension 3D Printers Take the Ambiguity out of Product Designs

    Communication is critical in the successful development of new consumer products and electronics. CAD files, prints and renderings can be misinterpreted by everyone from design engineers to marketing executives. Changes due to poor communication become exponentially more expensive with each step in the design process.

    Present Designs Accurately And Affordably

    There's simply no substitute for the tactile and visual feedback a physical model can provide. Dimension 3D printers also allow you to experiment with new ideas and numerous design iterations - without extensive time or tooling expense.

    Studies show that catching design flaws early in the design process can save you thousands, if not millions of dollars. more >>
    Product Confidentiality
    Dimension 3D Printers generate functional models in-house giving your designs added security. more >>
    Vacuum Forming

    Verify Your Designs Efficiently With Dimension 3D Printers

    Dimension 3D Printers give you the ability to easily test product designs using models made of durable ABS plastic. Models made of ABS plastic are tough enough to be used as working parts — other 3D printers can’t give you that.

    Test Form, Fit And Function

    You can make complex assemblies that work. Pieces formed by Dimension actually snap or fit together. ABS prototypes can withstand rigorous functional testing and retain their exact dimensions. And ABS models can be drilled, tapped, sanded, even painted. 

    ABS models from a Dimension 3D Printer are widely used as masters for vacuum forming applications. more >>
    Marketing Tools
    Models made on a Dimension 3D Printer are great marketing tools. Impress your prospects and clients with functional ABS models. more >>
    Product Mockups
    Product mockups allow you to see your product and catch design flaws before going into production, saving you both time and money. more >>
Designing a Prototype

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