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    Why is this modernization important?


    Manufacturing was and still is a critical component of the US economy, and to remain competitive in the global market, students need to be trained on industrial machinery that is up to date.


    To maintain this competitive edge, all education and training programs need to address three areas:

    1)      Operating industrial machines in a modern manufacturing environment

    2)      Design and implementation of a manufacturing system

    3)    Designing and engineering the future technologies of manufacturing


    The Importance of Manufacturing Skills


    Training in manufacturing skills has become a critical part of both employment opportunities and technology education. For students to be competitive in the world market, they will need basic Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, as well as specific training in manufacturing. A critical part of the STEM concept is the Technology and Engineering aspects of the program. Naturally, the various facets of technology and engineering training reinforce and support the Science and Math areas. It is difficult to do CAD or CAM or CNC without math and engineering and even basic physics.  The relationship between these content areas is the basis for true STEM integration.  Hands on training with CNC equipment provides the valuable skill set needed by today’s manufacturers. This is critical when competing in today’s global market.


    Math and Science Skills ImprovementA fundamental concept is that you cannot teach someone anything until they are paying attention. Many students have a great deal of trouble understanding and applying math and science and even engineering concepts when presented in a theoretical or “blackboard and chalk” presentation. The ability to see a concrete physical example of these tools as related to making and designing a part with CAD and CAM on a CNC machine changes the exercise from a theoretical concept to a tangible reality that they can see and touch. The results of their calculations and the application of the principles suddenly have real meaning reflected in the parts they are designing, creating, and seeing.

    Winners of a state Skills USA competition in automated manufacturing with a Techno CNC machine


    Engineering Preparation – Preparing for and encouraging engineering education requires getting students excited about the subject so they “get it”. Students easily get excited about the space program or programs such as robotics competitions, CO2 and F1 car competitions, and projects related to computers and technology. All of these programs involve technologies that are critical to todays manufacturing environment. Few students would be excited about a wood shop class that centered on a hammer and saw. Most students will get excited by the prospect of designing and making a project on the computer using a CNC machine.  Students that do not necessarily have the manual skills can easily become discouraged. All students, regardless of their manual skills, can become motivated and excited about working with computers and CNC machines. The process and the skills are no longer 19th century tools that seem irrelevant and boring to the student. The incorporation of computers and CNC machines changes the subject from an irrelevant topic to one that involves tools student can recognize – computers – and skills and equipment that will excite them – CNC equipment. It all leads to producing a “product/project” that students will find “amazing”. Getting students excited about these skills is the first step in their preparation for a viable career.