• "Behind-the-Wheel" instruction is offered to all students who have successfully completed the "Classroom" phase of the program. The State Curriculum requires a minimum six hours driving. It is optional and the responsibility of the parent/student to register for the program. Lessons are offered during the school day. All lessons are offered by class block/period in which the student drives only during the block/period they have selected on their on-the-road permission form. Five hours are during the school day, one hour is required to be driven after dark.

    • Registration requires completion of a drivers education parent permission form (Green Form) with parent and student signatures.
    • Lessons will be scheduled by staff for day time (only during the school year) lessons.
    • Students must schedule with staff for night and summer lessons.
    • Summer session/Night lessons: Use the spartandoc calendar to view any open driving sessions. Openings will be show in 2 hour slots with initials SS, BD, or AG and are filled once 3 students are assigned to this block/session. Night lessons can only have two students assigned to a session. To view the calendar use the following link:https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render?tab=oc#main_7 
    • Email all three instructors (Schrader, Ditchcreek, and Green) and asked to be scheduled in any openings you find. 
    • If the calendar link did not work just go onto spartandocs. In the top right corner are apps. Click Calendar. Make sure on the left hand side "Driver Ed DT" calendar is highlighted. 
    • Three missed driving lessons will result in removal from the program. Students are encouraged to share their spartandocs with parents. This will allow parents to be aware of driving dates, progress, and driving habits that need work. 
    • Any "no shows" for summer lessons will result in that student being dropped from ALL REMANING summer lessons.
    • Students must complete all 6 hours of driving with the district before taking their license exam. 
    • Students must bring the following items to their license exam:

    Once again...Upon completion of the "Behind-the-Wheel" and "Classroom" programs students are eligible to test for their Pennsylvania State Junior Drivers License with the Southern Lehigh Instructor. All State requirements apply for age/date/log time etc.

    This table will help guide you through the license process:

    Graduated License System

    Junior License
    Senior License
    Senior License
    Doctor DMV  DMV or SLSD DMV or SLSD DMV or SLSD
    Permit Application Form 1. Permit Application Form
    2. Proof of Age/ID
    3. Social Security #
    4. Check/Money Order
    1. Permit
    2. 65 hour Driving Log
    3. Parent or Guardian to sign District Permission Form
    4. Parent or Guardian to sign Notary License Form or have form stamped by notary prior to test.
    5. Registration for vehicle (DMV only)
    6. Proof of insurance (DMV only)
    Senior License Form

    Automatically becomes a senior license when driver turns 18 years old.


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