Course Syllabus

  • Mrs. Bausher

    English 10

    Room 121



    Dear Student:


    This course is comprised of extensive readings, including short stories, poetry, plays, and major novels spanning from the origins of American literature through the 20th Century. You will study elements of theme, plot, setting, characterization, and symbolism, discussing the relevance of each in terms of modern social mores. In addition to formal objective tests, you will also be required to respond to literature through writing, group work, and creative projects.  This course incorporates the common core standards and will prepare you for the state mandated Keystone exam.


    It is my pleasure to have you in class this year. I challenge you to an exciting and worthwhile year for all of us, but it is possible only if we all work together.


    This year you can expect me to:

    -       Present lessons that address the Southern Lehigh English Department standards and Pennsylvania state standards.

    -       Be fair in my judgment and in my grades.

    -       Provide help and test make-ups during Spartan period, after school or by appointment.

    -       Provide help via email. My email address is  Please contact me before 8:30 P.M.

    -       Be Courteous and respectful to you; I live by the Golden Rule.

    -       Treat you like a maturing young adult who accepts responsibility for his/her future.

    -       Accept my responsibility and obligation to enforce the rules of the Southern Lehigh High School student handbook.


    This year I expect you to:

    -       Complete all assignments, including evening reading.

    -       Attend class regularly and be on time. (You are expected to be at your desk with the required materials when the bell rings.)

    -       Be prepared.  Keep a 3 ring binder or notebook and a folder (with pockets) for English class, and bring them daily. Bring daily a pen or pencil and all material that has been assigned.

    -       Meet deadlines (All assignments are due at the beginning of each class on the due date.)

    -       Turn in a “professional copy” of all work — essays, homework,

    projects, etc.

    -       Use time wisely.

    -       Be actively involved as a member or group; be courteous and respectful to your classmates and to me. (The Golden Rule)  

    -       Behave like a maturing young adult who accepts responsibility for his/her future.


    All students are expected to be positive, contributing members in this class. Be polite and thoughtful of one another.


    Absences and Makeup Work:

    Regardless of an excused absence, early dismissal, or athletic dismissal, all students are responsible for making up and handing in all work according to the guidelines established in the Southern Lehigh High School student handbook. 

    -       Students absent from class the day an assignment is due are expected to hand in the assignment at the start of the next class period. 

    -       -Students absent the day of a scheduled test or quiz are expected to take the test within two days of returning to class. 

    -       Tests/quizzes will not be made up during class time.  Please see Mrs. Bausher to schedule a make-up time. 

    -       Failure to make-up work during the time period specified will result in a grade of zero for the test, quiz, homework assignment, etc.


    Hall Pass Policy (bathroom and locker):

    Students must use their agenda book and sign in and out of class to leave the classroom. 


    Grade Components:

    Grades will be designated for assignments, tests, quizzes, essays, writing assignments, projects, preparation and participation. All assignments are expected on their given due dates.

    -       Homework assignments will be accepted one day late for half credit. 

    -       Major essays, projects, etc. that are turned in late will be penalized 10% per day.  Major essays, projects, etc. that are not turned in within one week of due date will earn a zero.

    -       Students are expected to keep all graded assignments in their English binder or folder.


    Grades for English class will be determined using the following weighting system:

    Assessments = 50% of overall marking period grade 

    This category includes quizzes, tests, major projects, major writing pieces, etc.

    Assignments = 50% of overall marking period grade

    This category includes written and open-ended responses, mini-projects, discussions, group activities, Study Island assignments, independent reading assignments, class preparedness, etc.


    Each marking period is worth 20% of a student’s overall grade.  The final exam is worth 20% of a student’s overall average.  There is no midterm exam.


     Required Textbooks and/or Other Reading/Research Materials

    - Albom, Mitch. Tuesdays with Morrie. New York: Random House, 1997.

    - Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1925.

    - Purves, Alan C., et. al. Literature and Integrated Studies. Glenview: Scott

              Foresman, 1997.

    - Study Island (ongoing throughout the school year) – independent online program aligned with Pennsylvania core standards to provide Keystone preparation

    - Completion of independent reading project marking periods 1,2, and 3

    - Completion of final exam project (January 2017)


    * Films shown in class will be based on the curriculum studied. Parental approval will be sought.


    It is expected that you and your parents/guardians read and understand this information. If your parents/guardians have comments or questions about these expectations, they may email me at Parents/guardians may also call me after 2:30 at my school phone number (610) 282- 1421 ext. 7121.

    I suggest that you keep this in a safe place and refer to it from time to time. If you return the bottom of this sheet with your legible signature and your parent/guardian signature, you will earn your first 5 points and maintain the “A” with which you have begun the year.

    “If you are not willing to learn,

    no one can help you.

    If you are determined to learn,

    no one can stop you.”

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I have read and I understand the expectations and requirements set forth for this course.


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