ONLINE Wellness

  • Online Wellness

    Course Overview: This course is designed to assess the student’s overall physical, mental, and social health skills.  Its contemporary approach is to promote the student’s health awareness and help them structure an individualized action plan focused on decision making skills, increased self-esteem, success, and creating a long term healthy lifestyle.  Student will gain an understanding of a healthy lifestyle in regards to chronic disease prevention, consequences of poor decisions/choices, and planning and preparing for a healthy future.  The course also includes a step-by-step approach on how character and personality affect decision-making skills, addiction and mental health issues through the concepts of nature versus nurture in relationship to a student’s overall wellness.

    Below is some important information you will need as you begin the course. 

    1. Teacher Contact Information
    • Name: Ms. Dellegrotti
    • Email:
    • Phone: 610-282-1421 x 7025
    • Room: 180 or PE Office
    2. Canvas Information
    • Click here to review Canvas login information 
    3. Spartan Period 
    • You will be required to sign-up for an Online Wellness Spartan Period on either Day 3 or Day 5.