11th Grade Health

  • Wellness

    The curriculum is designed to create a better understanding of the mind/body connection and how to use this information to create a healthy lifestyle in all areas of mental, physical and social health and well-being. 

    Unit 1: Introduction to Wellness
    • Meaning of Wellness
    • Teenagers and Delayed Gratification
    Unit 2: Consumer Health
    • Health Fraud
    Unit 3: Brain
    • Structure and Function
    • Hemispheric Dominance
    Unit 4:Personality
    • Understanding your personality
    • Identify your personality type
    Unit 5: Stress
    • Stress Management
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Defense Mechanisms  
    Unit 6: Addiction
    • Stages of addiction
    • Intervention process
    Unit 7: Mental Illness
    • Stigma surrounding mental illnesses
    • Media influence of mental illnesses
    Unit 8: Nutrition
    • Compare/Contrast Fad Diets 
    Unit 9: Sex Education
    • STD's: Myths vs Facts
    • Treatment and Prevention