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  • Wellness Course Project
    Spoof Commercial

    Project OverviewHave you ever thought about what exactly is in your favorite food or drink?  What about the long-term effects or diseases associated with your favorite food or drink?  These are all questions you should be able to answer with ease, but we as consumers often ignore these very important details.  Your course project will challenge you to take a look at these important details and analyze each.  You will be asked to research the product, company, and behaviors to gain a better understanding of the long-term implications and health risks of your habit.  You will also explore advertisements that endorse your habit and create your own spoof commercial that highlights your research.  Lastly, you will reflect with a writing sample that will detail your learning experience and explain the relevance of the project to your life. 

    Part 1: Research

    Choose your favorite product or place to research.  Investigate the product or place by examining essential components.  You can address the following, but are not limited too: 

    • Function/Purpose/History
    • Ingredients/Materials/Nutrition
    • Side effects/Long-term effects
    • Statistics
    • Advertisements (slogan, promotional strategy, jingle, target audience)

    Refer to the RESEARCH RUBRIC for grading criteria.  This section will be part of your 1st quarter grade in the projects category. 

    Part 2: Spoof Commercial 

    Create a spoof commercial that highlights the research you gathered from part 1.  The commercial should contain important, relevant information from your research while portraying a strong, valid message to your target audience.  Use creativity as you develop your theme and content for the commercial.   

    Click here for an example.

    Refer to the 21st CENTURY SKILLS RUBRIC for grading materialThis is the section that will account for 40% of your final exam grade. 

    Part 3: Reflection

    The reflection will be a cumulating writing piece that details your learning experience.  It will describe the relevance and application of this project in relation to your life.  In at least two paragraphs, answer the following questions.  
    • What did you learn from this experience?  
    • How is this project relevant to your life?
    Refer to the REFLECTION RUBRIC for grading criteria.  This section will be part of your 1st quarter grade in the projects category. 

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