• Preparation/Participation

    Overview: This category makes up 70% of the students' quarter grade.  Students are awarded 20 points per class period for their preparation/participation.  This grade will be recored in Sapphire each day so students can monitor their progress and grade.  Deductions will occur if the following occurs:
    • Tardiness to class
    • Absence from class (3 or more)
    • Inappropriate attire
    • Poor attitude and sportsmanship
    • Off task behavior
    Absences: If students accumulate more than 3 excused absences (sick, field trip, college visit, sports dismissal), students are required to make up class.  PE make-ups occur during Spartan period on days 2-6.  Two Spartan periods equal one PE class.  Students must receive a pass from the teacher to attend a make-up class during Spartan period.  

    Doctor's Excuse: If a student has an injury and will miss class for an extended period of time, a doctor's excuse is required.  The doctor's excuse should be as specific as possible and include possible modifications/limitations and a time frame.  All excuses should be turned into the nurse's office.