Physical Fitness

  • Physical Fitness Tests

    Overview: There are 5 physical fitness tests that will account for 15% of the student's quarter grade. The physical tests will be performed once each quarter and will also impact the student's final exam grade.  Students are encouraged and allowed to attempt each test multiple times in order to get the best results.  The physical fitness tests performed are as follows:
    • Sit and Reach: A common test that measures flexibility, and specifically the muscles of the lower back and hamstrings.  The test involves sitting on the floor with feet straight out and soles placed against a box.  Students will reach forward and hold for 1-2 seconds with the distance recorded.
    • Shuttle Run: A popular test that measures speed and agility.  Two parallel lines are marked 30 feet apart with two blocks behind one of the lines.  Students run and pick up one block, return to the starting point and place the block on the line, and then run to pick up the second block and runs across the starting line.  The time will be recorded. 
    • Beep Test: A multi-stage test to assess cardiovascular endurance.  Students run between two points about 20 yards apart while following the beep on a prerecorded CD.  As the test proceeds, the interval between the beeps decreases, forcing the student to increase their speed over the course of the test.  When a student does not make it to the line by the beep or they cannot continue, their score is recorded.  
    • Push-Ups: A test that measures muscular strength mostly in the upper body.  Students performed as many push-ups as they can or until fatigue.  Once students break form, the final number is recorded. 
    • Sit-Ups: A test that measure the abdominal strength.  Students will lay on their back with their knees bent at a 90 degree angle and their arms across their chest.  Students will use their abdominal muscles to pull themselves up keeping their arms across the chest and until their elbows touch their knees.  Students will perform as many sit-ups are they can in one minute with the final number recorded.