•  Consumer Math:  Consumer Math is a course designed to teach students  information they will need following graduation.  The content includes independent living skills that will help individuals transition to their next phase of life after completing high school.  The topics of instruction include percentages, taxes and sales calculations, credit card and debit card management, mortgages, taxes, rental properties, room design and area / perimeter calculations, and checking accounts and budgeting.  Also, the course reinforces basic skills calculations and algebraic calculations.

    Study Skills:  Study Skills is a course that supports the students in their core courses.  Topics covered in this course include organizational systems, preparing for tests, time management, memory, and grade monitoring.

    Humanities 180:  Humanities 180 is a reading program designed to increase a student's reading level.  The levels are called lexiles.  The program includes a computer component, a large group component, and a small group component.  Each component is designed to target students' main areas of need.  Some of those areas include finding the main idea, sequencing, seeking the supporting details, and building vocabulary. 

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