Final Exam Rubric - Humanities 180

  • Humanities 180 Rubric

               Project   EXPECTATIONS ExOverviewEEXPECTATIIONS



    Name of Project:


    Read 180 Create-A-Workshop




    5 months


    Humanities 180

     Teacher(s): Italiani, Mauro, Touma

    Grade(s): Level(s):


    Other Subject Areas to Be Included, if any:



    Relevance of Project: 

    Summary of the issue, challenge, investigation, scenario, or problem and how students will relate this to their world

    Demonstrate ability to:

    -Research          - Identify main idea and details          - Writing            -Fluency          - Critical thinking


    -Comprehension      -Questioning




    Application of Skills Essential to the Course(s)


    Briefly Explain how these skills will be addressed in the project

    Collaboration and Communication:


    -        Written component and oral presentation


    Creativity & Innovation:

    -        Style and originality of presentation


    Research and Information Fluency:


    -        Creation and presentation of instruction

    -        Select article and materials for project

    Digital Citizenship:

    -        Citation of materials, responsibility, respectfully present


    Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making:


    -        Develop questions and answers for workbook activities

    Technology Operations and Concepts:

    -        Word/Docs

    -         Browser for research

    -        PowerPoint/ Prezi

    -        iMovie

    -         YouTube




    Major Products, and /or Performances


    How will the learning be shared out?


    Complete EITHER Group OR Individual


    Address how technology will be used



    Explain the group exhibition



    No group

    ?Presentation Audience (check)

    ? Presentation Audience: