• The “DO” and “DON’T” List

    The DO part:


    Be respectful to Sra. and to all classmates at all times.   Comments that are racist, homophobic, or religious will not be tolerated.

    Speak in Spanish unless permission is given to speak in English. 


    Report to class on time.


    Visit your locker before class and bring all necessary materials to class.


    Deposit your chicle at the beginning of class and use technology only with my permission.  Failure to do these will result in referrals.


    Keep an organized notebook.


    Complete all homework assignments on time.  No late work will be accepted.


    Use only for translating purposes.  Any misuse of a translator will result in a zero for the assignment with a possible referral and parent phone call.


    Complete Spartan Doc / Google Classroom Assignments no later than 7:30 a.m. on the due date.  No credit will be given if assignment is turned in after 7:30 a.m.


    Check my WEBSITE for homework assignments, and pick up your papers if you are absent. 


    Email me with questions. (Yes, I respond.)


    Inform me either in person or via email when you know that you will be missing class.

    Do your own work.  Copying homework, projects, assignments, copying off of others during quizzes and tests, talking during quizzes and tests, - all of these things are not permitted.  Refer to the Academic Honesty Policy for consequences. 



    The DO NOT part:


    Do not forget that it took you many years to learn English!    Your Spanish will improve with practice and study.


    Do not be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand.  


    Do not forget to take advantage of extra help.   I am available every day after school and every Spartan period except for Day 3.

    And finally ... ¡Do not forget to have a great year in ESPAÑOL!