• STUDY COGNATES (& FALSE COGNATES) -  Cognates are words that look or sound like a word you already know.  You already know more than you think!

    • USE SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS - They add variety to your vocabulary!

    • READ! - Absorb as much as you can by reading many different types of materials.

    • KEEP A LANGUAGE JOURNAL - Write about what you are learning.  Keep a list of words that you do not know.  Go back to early entries and see how much you've learned.

    • FOLLOW NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLINE - Find celebrities that speak Spanish.  What are they saying on social media?  Great way to learn slang!

    • LEARN ONE NEW WORD A DAY - There are several apps you can download to increase your vocabulary.  Listen to the word.  Repeat the word.  Put it into practice.

    • MUSIC - Find music you love on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, etc. 


    • ORGANIZE - Keep all of your Spanish papers in one binder.  It's easier to study when you know where everything is.

    • WRITE IT OUT - Write vocabulary words on index cards, in your notebook, on a whiteboard, etc.  in order to practice spelling.  

    • USE TECHNOLOGY - Using online tools such as Quizlet can help you with pronunciation.

    • STUDY -  Try to study for a few minutes every day so that you are not cramming the night before a test.

    • ASK FOR HELPDon't be embarrassed to ask for help!  Don't wait until it is too late to ask for help!