• Winter Recess During Cold Weather

    (Revised October 2017)

    Please remember that the children may go outside for recess daily, weather permitting.

    We ask that you make sure your child is dressed properly for outdoor play. Hats,

    gloves, scarves and winter coats are necessary.

    Children are not allowed to play in the snow.

    Sneakers or tie shoes are the safest form of footwear for play purposes.

    Below is the real feel temperature chart we use for outdoor recess:

    “Real Feel” Guidelines in Degrees Fahrenheit:

    Above 32 degrees Fahrenheit = Regular outdoor play

    31 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit = Maximum of 15-20 minutes of outdoor play

    19 degrees Fahrenheit or less = No outdoor play


    A "real feel" temperature value is used when making decisions for outdoor vs. indoor recess.

    Other local site factors that may be taken into consideration when determining the

    appropriateness for outdoor recess include wind gusts, sun, current blacktop and play yard


    We encourage our students to be active outdoors and run, jump and PLAY!