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    As the school year draws to a close please pay close attention to your grades and how they might affect your schedule for next year.




    WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR SCHEDULE FOR THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR, LOOK CLOSELY AT ALL OF YOUR SCHEDULED COURSES.  If you see a different course scheduled than what you may have requested, before you call, check your report card or transcript and the check the prerequisites for the course for which you wanted to be scheduled.  These can be found in your Program of Studies Booklet or on the high school web site.

    If you failed to meet the required grade(s) you could not be scheduled for the course.  Example:  To be scheduled for Honors English, a student will have needed to earn a B in the previous year's Honors English or a B+ in the preceding college prep course.




    BY SEPTEMBER, all seniors:

    •  should have completed their "Student Questionnaire" in Naviance  and returned "Parent Brag Sheet" to Ms. Pulizzano. (unless we have been able to incorporate it into Naviance.
    •  should be prepared to complete college applications for 3 - 6 schools during the month of September. ( be realistic, all schools publish the range of GPA's and SAT/ACT scores for admitted students)
    •  if desired, students should be registered to take the SAT I and/or ACT test in October.


     Next Year Juniors


    Important things to remember:


    • any junior who intends on applying to college should schedule the take the PSAT on October 14, 2015.  Pay attention to the school announcements for registration instructions.
    • plan on registering to take the SAT in the spring of 2016.  Students should plan on taking the test twice before the end of the junior year. this must be done on line at the College Board website.
    • start your college visits early. Fall is an excellent time to get in some visits as well as the spring.  Summer visits may be convenient, but plan ahead, because tours often are NOT available on weekends.
    • do spend time in Naviance  this summer doing college searches.  Don't wait until the end of junior year.


    Next Year Sophomores


    Important things to remember:


    • begin to familiarize yourself with Naviance.  Explore the different options and programs that are available, particularly the personality profile and the interest survey.  Do some college searching. It's never too early. 
    • if you are an advanced math student, having already completed at least Algebra I and Algebra II, or even geometry, you SHOULD consider registering for and taking the PSAT on October 14, 2015.  This will provide excellent feedback as to where you are academically, what areas you might need to strengthen and it will provide the experience of the testing environment.
    • continue to develop your personal study habits and time management skills. Set aside time for school related work every evening.  How you prepare for courses in high school is exactly how you will most likely prepare for courses when you attend college. We don't refer to the curriculum as "college preparatory " for nothing.



     NCAA eligibility requirements have changed! Check the Eligibility Center website if this pertains to you.



    Fee Waiver Submission .Students must meet fee-waiver eligibility requirements in order to receive a fee waiver for their NCAA Eligibility Center registration fee.  An authorized high school official will need to submit the fee waiver approval online after the student has completed his or her registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

    See Mr. Crouse for assistance.


    Check my resource page

    for additional information.



    Any student interested in becoming a member of Southern Lehigh's Rifle Team will need to register for a winter sports physical when announced by Mrs. Pysher.