CARES Bus Expectations

  • Students are expected to:
    1)      Report to their assigned seat and remain seated in that seat until they get to their designated bus stop. No moving seats.
    2)      Sit on their bottoms and face forward.
    3)      Keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.
    4)      Students should not touch others’ belongings.
    5)      Students may speak quietly using friendly words to the person they share a seat with - no teasing or name-calling is allowed.
    6)      No eating, drinking, or chewing gum is permitted.
    7)      No student has the right to tell another student where they can or cannot sit.
    8)      Students are expected to follow the bus driver’s directions at all times.
    9)      Students are encouraged to worry about their own actions, words, choices and behaviors. The bus driver will complete bus reports on students who fail to comply with bus safety rules. When boys and girls try to be helpful and involve themselves in situations that are not their concern, it tends to escalate rather than deescalate the situation.