Letter to Parents


    Welcome to the Art Webpage for Hopewell Elementary

        As our young artists at the elementary schools are involved in the artistic process, I hope it leads them to question and develop their ideas, to challenge themselves to reach higher goals, and to enjoy and celebrate their individual styles of art. As an art instructor, some of my beliefs are that art is an important part of your child's general education. It is important for students to learn about artists and experiment with different materials and techniques. Student self-expression and exposure to famous artists enhances your child's creativity and allows them to experience the world from other perspectives.


        It is a special occasion when your child brings home a piece of art. They are sharing with you their thoughts and feelings as well as the product of all their hard work. Since each child's artwork is unique, a special part of them, consider finding a special place to hang their art for the whole family to enjoy. My daughter has an art wall downstairs that is located in the art studio we share. We call it our "Gallery Wall." She can change the artworks whenever she wants, and so do I. Remember there is always one of my favorite places to hang art- the classic-refrigerator!!


        I hope you enjoy our art webpage that features a sampling of art from grades Kindergarten through Third grades.  This young group of artists have a lot to celebrate and I hope you enjoy their efforts! Keep on Creating!
                                                 Mrs. Vanessa Csaszar
    Art Instructor
    Hopewell Elementary