• *Study alphabet letters for mastery (letter identification and sound).

    *Study the spelling words for the week. Study corrected sentences that come home for the spelling test. Practice reading all words in spelling notebook for mastery.
    *Review all corrected math papers that come home.

    *Review math vocabulary words from each chapter (worksheets that come home & words inside the yellow box of corrected workbook pages).

    *Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts up to 20 for mastery.

    *Study numbers 0-100

    *Read for at least 15 minutes every day after school.

    *Bring your show & tell each week on your designated day and be prepare to talk using as much
      Spanish as possible. In the event that there is not school on a Monday, bring your show and tell
      on Tuesday, and if there is no school on a Friday, bring it on Thursday if school is in session.