Mask Exemption Procedure

  • A request for, for any student with an existing IEP or Section 504 accommodation in place, will be reviewed with your child’s IEP or Section 504 team, in accordance with the procedural requirements of the IDEA and Section 504, and determine the need for the requested mask exemption. For students who are not currently identified with a disability under IDEA or Section 504, the request is a “child find” trigger; those requests should be sent to the school psychologist and principal in your child’s school. Those requests will be reviewed and if determined to be a viable request we will then seek parental consent for an evaluation, in writing. Once parental consent is received the school psychologist will a) conduct an evaluation, b) make a written determination with the multidisciplinary team of whether an impairment “substantially limits a major life activity” exists, and c) provide prior written notice of that outcome and of any plan to accommodate if a disability is indeed substantiated. If, on the other hand, the multidisciplinary team cannot substantiate the need for the mask exemption, the district will notify the parent accordingly, in writing, through an IEP Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP) or Section 504 Prior Written Notice (PWN).