Welcome to the SLMS Library






    HOURS:  Students may visit the library anytime during the school day with permission from a teacher. The library is open until 3:00 every day. You must let us know during homeroom if you plan to stay after school and make transportation arrangements ahead of time.  


    PASSES:  Anyone visiting the library during the school day without a teacher will be required to have their agenda or a signed pass. Please sign in on the laptop when you get here, and sign out on the laptop when you leave.  If you need to leave the library to go to your locker, the bathroom or the office, please sign out on the clipboard.


    WHOLE CLASS VISITS:  Your teacher may sign up to bring the entire class for reasons such as research, book selection or SSR.


    COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM:  Our card catalog and circulation systems are computerized. When checking out a book, simply hand us your books along with your ID card. If you do not have your ID card, please give us your student ID number.


    LOAN PERIODS:  You may have a total of 3 items out at a time. Books and other materials may be borrowed for 2 weeks and renewed as needed (as long as no one else has them on reserve). Reference materials may be borrowed overnight and must be returned during homeroom the next day.


    RESERVE:   If the material you need is checked out, reserve it in Destiny or let us know and we will reserve it for you.  


    LOST MATERIALS:  You are responsible for all materials that are checked out to you. PLEASE do not check books out for your friends because YOU will be held accountable for them. Notify us as soon as possible if an item has been misplaced so we can be on the lookout for it.


    BEHAVIOR:  Courteous and considerate behavior is expected of all students using the library. Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. When you leave the library, please leave it ready for the next group: tables clean, chairs pushed in, paper picked up. Treat materials carefully and return items on time.


    BOOK DROPS:  We have 2 book drops for your convenience, one to the left of the main doors and one at the circulation desk. Please place all returned materials (except fragile electronic devices like Kindles, laptops and cameras) in one of these book drops.


    PRINTER:  We have a black and white printer in the library for printing emergencies.  Please do not abuse this privilege and be sure to allow 5 minutes to install the printer driver on your laptop.


    FUN STUFF:  This year we have the following equipment available for students: 18 Kindles, 10 flash drives, 140 Playaways (mp3 books/players), video cameras and digital cameras.  A signed permission form must be on file in order to borrow these items. We also sell headphones for $1.00!


    PHOTOCOPIER:   We have a photocopier in the library for your convenience. This copier is for research only and you must be given permission to use it.


    RESOURCES:  Since we are participating members of ACCESS PA, we can borrow materials from other libraries in the state. We can request research materials, but not pleasure reading books. Please let Mrs. Robbins know if you have a need for this service.


    FINES:  Overdue print materials will be assessed a 5¢ fine each day they are late.  Overdue playaways, cameras, Kindles and flash drives will be assessed a 10¢ fine each day they are late. Please avoid these fees by returning or renewing your materials on time. Fines do not need to be paid when overdue materials are returned, so please return your late materials as soon as possible and pay your fine when you can.


    ONLINE TOOLS: The library media center provides access to the following online tools:  Destiny Quest, Access PA, Access Power, eLibrary, SIRS, NoodleTools, World Book Online, Overdrive, Flipster, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Global Issues in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, US History in Context and Science in Context.


    NEW TITLES:  If you have any book suggestions for new print, Kindle or Overdrive titles, please fill out a “Material Request Form” at the circulation desk or on the library website.


    OVERDRIVE:  You now have the ability to read library purchased eBooks on your laptop, eReader, phone, tablet or computer.  See Mrs. Robbins’ website for more information.


    MAKERSPACE:  We have created a cool exploration space in the library called a MakerSpace.  This innovative room allows you to program, build, explore, create, code, invent, craft and problem solve without assignments or grades.  Visit with your class, sign up for the activity, attend a PEAK session, or try out a MakerSpace Monday lunch.


    READING OLYMPICS:  Are you interested in learning about new books and authors? Are you craving more “quiet” time during the day to read and discuss what you are reading with your friends? Reading Olympics is a new opportunity to connect with other students who enjoy reading. Groups of students form teams and select books to read from a prepared list. Throughout the year the Reading Olympics team will meet in the library to discuss the books and to prepare for the culminating competition. The team will travel to compete against other school districts in the area in a quiz game style competition in spring.


    COLLABORATION STATIONS:  We have created a work area in the library that contains 3 collaboration stations.  Each station allows a group of students to easily work together by displaying your monitor on a large screen TV.  Headphones are available as well if needed.


    PAGES & PIZZA:  Pages & Pizza is an opportunity for students to share their love of books while enjoying a pizza lunch.  Students participating in this quarterly event are asked to share a 1-2 minute book talk about a book they have recently read and would recommend to others.  Stay tuned to the morning announcements for more information.


    FLIPSTER:  We are now providing digital access to magazines via flipster.  You can access these magazines in school and outside of school. See Mrs. Robbins’ website for more information.


    NEW THIS YEAR:  Have you accumulated late fines or library fees?  Listen to the morning announcements for “Read Down Your Fines” opportunities.  This new program will allow you to read silently in the library in order to “pay off” your fines/fees.


    Don’t ever hesitate to ask Mrs. Robbins for help... robbinsc@slsd.org