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Textbook Realidades 1
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Quizlet Vocab Los Saludos
Los números 0-100

Quizlet Vocab Para Empezar

Quizlet Vocab Chap 1A
Quizlet Vocab Chap 1B
Quizlet SER

Realidades Test Prep 1A
Realidades Test Prep 1B

Quizlet Vocab Chap 2A
Quizlet subject pronouns AND -AR verbs
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 2B
Quizlet ESTAR

Quizlet Vocab Chap 3A
Quizlet subject pronouns and -ER/-IR verbs
Quizlet Vocab Chap 3B

Quizlet Vocab Chap 4A
Quizlet conjugating IR
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4B

Quizlet Vocab Chap5A
Quizlet Vocab Chap 5B los cubiertos
Quizlet Vocab Chap 5B
Quizlet SER vs. ESTAR

Quizlet Vocab Chap 6A
Diseñar tu dormitorio virtual
Quizlet Vocab Chap 6B

Juegos educativos I

Para empezar (An Introduction to Spanish)
•    Greetings
•    Numbers
•    Telling time
•    Body parts/classroom objects
•    Calendar and weather
•    Chapter review
Quizlet Vocab Para Empezar

Capítulo 1A (What do you like to do?)
•    Talk about activities that you like and don’t like to do
•    Ask others about their likes / dislikes
•    Understand cultural perspectives on favorite activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 1A

Capítulo 1B (What are you like?)
•    Talk about your personality
•    Ask and tell what other people are like
•    Use adjectives to describe people
•    Understand cultural perspectives on friendship
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 1B

Capítulo 2A (Your school day)
•    Talk about school subjects and classes
•    Discuss what students do during the day
•    Ask and tell who is doing an action
•    Compare your school with one from a different country
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 2A

Capítulo 2B (Your classroom)
•    Describe your classroom
•    Indicate where things are located
•    Talk about more than one object or person
•    Understand cultural perspectives on school
Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 2B

Capítulo 3A (Breakfast and Lunch)
•    Talk about foods and beverages
•    Talk about likes and dislikes in foods and beverages
•    Express how often an action is done
•    Understand cultural perspectives on meals
Quizlet Vocab Chap 3A

Capítulo 3B (Healthy lifestyle)
•    Talk about foods and beverages for dinner
•    Describe what people and things are like
•    Discuss food, health and exercise choices
•    Understand cultural perspectives on diet and health
Quizlet Vocab Chap 3B

Capítulo 4A ¿Adónde vas? (Where are you going?)
•    Talk about locations in the community
•    Discuss leisure activities
•    Talk about where you go and with whom
•    Learn how to ask information seeking questions
•    Understand cultural perspectives on leisure activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4A

 Capítulo 4B ¿Quieres ir conmigo? (Do you want to go with me?)
•    Talk about activities outside of school
•    Extend, accept and decline invitations
•    Tell when an event happens
•    Understand cultural perspectives on after-school activities
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4B

 Capítulo 5A Una fiesta de cumpleaños (A birthday celebration)
•    Describe families
•    Talk about family celebrations
•    Ask and tell ages
•    Express possession
•    Understand cultural perspectives on families and celebrations
Quizlet Vocab Chap5A

Capítulo 5B ¡Vamos a un restaurante! (Let’s go to a restaurant)
•    Describe friends and family
•    Ask for something politely
•    Order a meal in a restaurant
•    Understand cultural perspectives on celebrations
Quizlet Vocab Chap 5B

Capítulo 6A Mi dormitorio (My bedroom)
•    Describe your bedroom
•    Identify the furniture and electronics
•    Make comparisons
•    Understand cultural perspectives on homes
Quizlet Vocab Chap 6A
Diseñar tu dormitorio virtual

Capítulo 6B Mi casa (My house)
•    Identify parts of a house
•    Name household chores
•    Tell where you live
•    Understand cultural perspectives on housing
Quizlet Vocab Chap 6B

Students place orders in Spanish with guest speaker Rafaela of La Lupita Restaurant