Extra Credit Level I Spanish

  • Students in 8th grade Level I Spanish have the opportunity to complete one extra credit assignment each marking period. This assignment may be turned in at any time before the end of the marking period.

    To complete the assignment, click here to watch and listen to native speakers talk in Spanish

    Up top, where it says "Spanish Proficiency Exercises," select "Beginning,"
    "Intermediate A," or Intermediate B" to see a list of 15 presentations. Choose one and listen to a native speaker present information in Spanish. Follow these steps.

    1. Listen and watch the video first. Are there any words you recognize or understand?

    2. Listen again, but this time read the Spanish transcript at the same time. Are there more words you can identify now and understand?

    3. Now read the Spanish aloud. Remember, all vowels in Spanish are pronounced (A "ah", E "eh", I "eee", O "oh", U "ooo").

    4. In your neatest handwriting, carefully copy the Spanish transcript onto a piece of paper. Typed assignments will NOT be accepted.

    5. In the upper right hand corner of the video where it says "Transcript,"  click E for English. On your piece of paper write the English translation underneath the Spanish you have written.

    6. Go back and listen to the presentation one more time, reading along. Circle any words in Spanish that are cognates, or words that look similar and mean the same thing in English. Also underline any vocabulary words you know the meanings of because we have studied them in class.

    7. Write your name on top of the paper and turn it in during class.